XChords plans

There are no emerging plans for next version of XChords now. It works for me, as I need.
However, the mess with default namespaces and multiple documents output and avoiding max() function in xslt 1.0 is terrible. So next version will use xslt 2.0.
After fop 0.90 will get more stable, I will switch to it. Maybe I will enhance java gui viewer a little.
I will maybe use xml native db as storage of XChords files instead of XChords Library files. But this is too huge for such easy thing. It should be somehow generalized, to be usefull...
If needed - there will be some input conversion modules from other formats to xchords. Do you know some other formats?

0.3.1 - added 'open' state of string
0.3 - online version

0.2 - more outputs: planning conversion to raster graphics, pdf creation and some minor improvements. possible batik usage.

0.1 - core version (svg + plain output): that's the initial release, which does the conversion.